Remembering this place in vivid detail, everyday I look for answers as to why I dream about it.

This is my recollection of my many dreams that take me into the entrance of The Akashic Hall Of Records-

The area surrounding the entrance is mountainous, but not a mountainous Colorado type of landscape. It is a mountain setting, with a tropical atmosphere that seems to surround it. 

 I remember it to be very humid and the entrance was built off the side of a cliff with a waterfall that covered the passageways of the entrance.

 "Vegetation very Tropical."

I remember roaming these cave like tunnels, and could see and hear the waterfall in front of me, the sound of the water, was not easily faded. 

Halfway through my walk behind the waterfall, I came to a stop at a sculpture, that was built from the rock walls.  It was some sort of "Greek Like God".   I would say a cross between Poseidon and Zeus, later realizing his resemblance was closer to Dionysus & Hades.  This statue wasn't sculpted out of clay, it looked to be built out of the rock the waterfall fell over, (Sculpted before the water ran over, after the great flood) the water keeps this place hidden from those who are not awoken. 

The sculpture reminded me of Atlas in mythology who was a titan commanded to hold up the sky for eternity, yet his face resembling other Deities of mythos.  Instead of him holding up the earth he was holding a cylinder that spun in his hands propelled by the force of the waterfall.

So I guess my comparison to symbolism was he was holding the weight of the waterfall, just like atlas holding the weight of the globe. The cylinder had writing, covering it completely. It was also carved from the same stone. The stone was turned by the weight of the falls.

(Quick note) Zeus commanded Atlas to stand at the western edge of the earth and hold the earth on his shoulders.  Was this sculpture commanded, to guard the Hall Of Records?  Always finding myself staring at this, each time I return, to this recurring dream.  

I Lucid Dream, and I can go to this place, over and over again.

The next part in my journey was a long passageway winding up the side of the cliff, through the cavernous caves.   Eventually I came into a big open area within the cave like area.  I remember it being humid and wet, water dripping to the ground...

I was suspensefully scared but not in a threatening sense.  I was then approached by a very small man that was also very old.  I remember him being very straight to the point and direct.  You could tell this wasn't somebody that you tried to be friendly with nor make simple conversation.

He than lead me through hallways, which was one of many hallways off the main rooms entrance.  Walking into the first room, which would be the first of many rooms to follow with a single sarcophagus centered in the middle.

Now the sarcophagus had no top.  As I proceeded I soon saw a second man laying inside, the sarcophagus.  Suddenly the man sat up, still exuding an eerie sleep like state.  

I don't recall exactly what he had said, but some of the memories I do tend to remember are those of the appearances of these Oracle like men.  However the message stays the same.  From the first man, to the last, they all have a different message of words to live by. 

Another thing I shall not forget, are their piercing eyes.   Please note, these were not like eyes we see day-to-day, they resemble blue eyes starting the progression of blindness due to old age or Glaucoma, "Very Cloudy".  

Upon approaching the sarcophagus each Oracle again, sits up to speak to me.  Never directly looking at me, just opening his eyes and stating specific messages of memorandum, when finished he lays back down.  One article of notation that I have not forgotten, was that of the piercing color of his eyes, definitely not a shade of earthly blue, us mortals see on a daily basis.

I found there to be hundreds, if not thousands of these rooms, down hallways with the same sarcophagus's, with another aged Oracle.  

Each man yet again, had a different message or record of something significant.  

After the message was delivered to me, the Oracle would simply lay back down and resume hibernation state.  

"The Oracle" reminded me of a cross between Father Time, The Sandman, or Grouchy Elf, yet his wisdom was as vast the universe.

Part II of my Dream: 

The Great Hall:

I remember walking into this Great Hall. It was a cross between the pillars of the White House and the pillars of Ancient Rome. 

The Great Hall was massive and was not fully enclosed.

The floor to ceiling of this place had to of had, 100 to 200 foot ceilings. 

It kind of reminded me of the first time when I was a kid, walking into Caesars Palace in Las Vegas but on a massive scale.  

The Great Hall was quite the transition from the cave like hallways, I had been roaming for what seem to be hours, maybe even days.  This place was very bright and full of life, but not full of life in a positive or negative way.

It felt like I was watching manikins come to life, if that makes any sense.

I do remember how beautiful these people/mannikins were. Having a false sense of happiness yet appeared to be happy.  It kind of reminds me of what artificial intelligence looks like in human form.

There's so much to add about the Great Hall Experiences.  Hopefully one day I will have more time to write about my memories of this place in my dream.  When I have some vacation time, I will add to this section.

Part III of my Dream: 

The Beach Side Abyss

When exiting the Great Hall I walked outside into what looks like, a twisted version of Venice CA.

The people there were thieves and some of the most vile humans you could ever encounter in life.  There was every ethnicity of culture known to man represented here.   

It reminded me of a great gathering of fools and infidels. 

Glass walls separated the ocean from the beaches and walkways of the city by the sea. Every vile creature from the sea being pressed against the glass.  

It was like there was more sea life then there was ocean water.  The majority of the sea life that I saw, really stood out. Electric eels and snakes are the two of note, for myself.

For now I am only writing cliff notes to these memories of dreams.

However I can tell you these glass walls collapsed and the vile creatures of the earth perished.  I have always related the ending of the dream to the Tower of Babel & The Great Flood (Atlantis) 

I will continue to update and add more detailed information about these dreams.  I think messages are given to us, interpreting them is the hard part.