T2 - Cerebral White Matter or Subcortical Gray Matter

12 - Complete Cycle

Number of Space & Time

The Hanged Man

European Union

12 Tribes of Israel

4 corners of earth

4 cardinal points =12

When these are multiplied 

4x3 - Three being the sacred number of God.

Result 12 is a

perfect number.

12th President was Zachary Taylor -

was also a person I saw in the stone.

22 - The Master Number or the Builder.

​The Source of Energy

19 - The Ancients called this the number of Surrenderas.

Perfection of solidarity. 

 25 - Solomons Temple was 25 Cubit

72Languages confused at tower of Babel.

Axis of Earth moves one degree every 72 years.

Volume of Saturn 72 of the earth.

79 -  The Atomic Number for Gold.

Lemurian Crystals were first discovered in Brazil in 1999.  They were found in sand on the top of a hill near a quartz mine.  Immediately they attracted attention as they were unlike any other crystal previously found in the area and were not from a crystal bed like the quartz in the mine.  The first Lemurian crystals found were quite frosty and dull in appearance but with the unusual characteristics of lines (striations) down the sides.

To preserve their knowledge and energies the Lemurians programmed seed crystals with the message of oneness and buried them all over the world to be discovered when mankind were ready.

My Record Keeper was placed under the full solar eclipse in Oregon August 21st 2017.  Knowing that these stones find you, I made it a priority.  Moving on...

The stone takes the shape of a snake, which is a Gate Keeper to the Records at hand.  Only when I looked fear in the eye, was I able to enter.

( My personal experience)

- The snake / stone went to strike my hand, coming to life from the stone.  If this was any other time in my life, I probably would have tossed the stone into the nearest body of water I could find.  Never have I been a fan of snakes and it was truly terrifying! Yet not turning away, and desperately looking for answers, I then was able to access the stone).  I was given several sets of numbers, faces and places.  

Some places showed to me are ones I see in my reoccurring dreams, others are defiantly puzzle pieces.  Traveling thru time was no longer a myth but a very real experience.  The one place that really stuck out for me was Mt. Rushmore.

​Why was I being shown this?  Turns out Mt. Rushmore has a Hall of Records.  After that vision I was lead to the lost city of Cibula. I will leave list all the places, faces and numbers at the end of this page.

Too this day, I’m still Deciphering my lessons.

the lost city of cibola

In the ancient religions of Mexico and Central America, Indian snakes were associated with divinity, rebirth, and spiritual power, and were often looked upon with both fear and awe. Many Aztec and Mayan gods and goddesses such as Quetzalcoatl, Coatlicue, Tlaloc, and Q'uq'umatz, were associated with snakes or appeared in the form of a snake, and the shed skins of snakes were used as power items by traditional priests in some parts of Mexico. 

Snakes are also used as clan animals in some Native American cultures. Tribes with Snake Clans include the the Hopi (whose Snake Clan is called Tsu'ngyam), the Pueblo tribes of New Mexico, the Creek (whose Snake Clan is named Cettvlke,) and the Chippewa (whose Snake Clan and its totem are called Ginebig.) The Hopi also have a Snake Society (one of only a few Hopi religious orders to include women as well as men), and the Hopi Snake Dance is one of the tribe's most important ceremonial dances.

 Lumurian crystals have also facilitated access to the information stored within the Akashic Records.


the lost city of cibola