Lemuria and Atlantis are often spoken together, many people have mistakenly assumed that they must have been more or less the same thing.  But this is not the case.  Lemuria was the huge Pacific continent and Atlantis the huge Atlantic continent.  The name Lemuria and Atlantis was actually coined as a descriptive term in the 19th Century for sake of easy reference.

Lumuria and its diverse people - the Lemurians- proceeded Atlantis.

​Lemurians were gigantic in size, relatively little physical resemblance to modern man.

Lemurians are said to have possessed a "Third Eye" in the back of their heads which in modern man is degenerated into and represented by the pineal gland - never even developed any speech or verbal communication beyond a basic monosyllabic grunt.

The first sub-race of this present Root Race is that of the Indian people while the latest sub-race of this Root Race is that of the white Europeans. The Master states that these latter are “the highest people” in terms of what he calls “physical intellectuality” but that the Indians are the spiritually highest people on earth today. HPB echoed this in one of her own letters to A.P. Sinnett when she wrote, “Spiritually they [the people of India] are immensely higher than we are. The physical point of evolution we have reached only now – they have reached it 100,000 years ago, perhaps. And what they are now spiritually you may not hope to reach in Europe before some millenniums yet. They are almost ready for the evolution of their sixth race units, and Europe has yet to whistle for them and must thank her stars for evoluting even occasionally Hindu like spiritual and beautiful characters.”

In accordance with cyclic law and the ongoing and inevitable process of evolution, each Root Race or Epoch always eventually comes to an end by having its own particular continent or lands (along with the majority of its people) destroyed – alternately by fire and water – and submerged beneath the ocean, to rise again at a later date many millennia down the line.

In this same letter we learn some interesting details about the coming destruction of the Aryan Root Race which is also numerically referred to as the fifth Root Race in Theosophical teaching. This is not due to happen until many thousands of years from now but when it does, the British Isles will be the first victim of the necessary calamity, followed by France “and other lands.” These will be destroyed by fire and then submerged in the waters, whereupon the now submerged continents of Lemuria and Atlantis will “immediately” rise and reappear. Those great continents, having risen from the ocean floor, will eventually become home to parts of the sixth Root Race. They will of course be uninhabitable to begin with due to having been part of the ocean floor for hundreds of thousands of years or even longer. When the seventh and final sub-race of the future sixth Root Race is flourishing on “Lemuria” and “Atlantis” – the massive Pacific and Atlantic continents – the lands which sunk at the end of the fifth Root Race, including the British Isles and the ill-fated parts of Europe, will reappear.  (Blavatsky Theosophy Group) 



Pythagoras teaches of the Phi (1+1+2+3=7+5, etc.) and the Pi (1+2+3+4=10, etc.) spiral patterns.

We understand the torus, or hyper-sphere, contains both these measurements. And we do, indeed, see, in the seasons of the Pope, how the Pythagorean theorem triangle (3,4,5) can be inscribed within a circle of 12 (3+4=7+5=12) that unifies the two spirals' numerical patterns. Since the end of the Kali Yuga and the resurgance of Atlantean idealism expressed by the Rosicrucian movement the Pythagorean Order of Death has recorded the entire proper history of humanity. By applying complex mathematics based on increasing aperiodicity over time diverging from these original "number-theories" of perfectly harmonious ratios, it would be possible to predict every single human activity ever imaginable under the stars. 



The flood that destroyed Atlantis occured suddenly, so too does it now rapidly rise again from the depths of death. The mechanisms of oppression used to divide the mind of mankind against itself are failing, and the very chains they cast about to bind our bodies become the wires our souls escape through. Yet even as light begins to dawn across the "undiscovered country," those torch-bearers we depended on by dark of night remain, though only those willing to part with their positions at this point remain fit to follow, while all the rest who claim we maintain their needs should suffer their throats to be slit in their sleep, for such they would continually do to the true all-seeing eye of the one awakened mind of all mankind.