Pink Himalayan Sea Salt                                                                  
Sea salt used to be desirable for those of us trying to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s full of nutritious trace minerals such as potassium, calcium, selenium and magnesium – the electrolytes you need to recharge your system, particularly after exercise.

But sea water isn’t what it used to be. Do you have any idea what’s in the oceans these days? Everything from fine plastic grains, to toxic mercury, to deadly Fukushima nucleotides. Under the circumstances, sea salt – once a paragon of purity – often has to be refined.

Our Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is a fossil relic of a pristine ocean that lived 250 million years ago, prior to the age of the dinosaurs. Deposited and sealed deep in the earth, it has been preserved till now with all its nutritional value – and beauty - intact.

​Benefits: Balances electrolytes, helps with nutrient absorbtion, lowers blood pressure, prevents goiters, prevents muscle cramps, prevents osteoperosis, reduces acid reflux, regulates water content, removes toxins